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Will the leap second added at the end of 2016 effect the PME system?

A customer is wanting to know if the leap second will effect energy and power values provided by the PME system.

Product Line:
ION Enterprise 6.0 / SPM 7.x / PME 7.2 / PME 8.x

Power Monitoring Expert energy and power values

Time keepers have introduced an additional second to yearly time in order to account for drift.

The leap second handling is done within the Operating System.  The Siteserver service requests the current time from the OS, converts it into the timestamp format required by the device, and transmits it.
Data log record processing [for on-board data logs] is independent of the clock value.  PC logged data just takes the current clock value when generating the log record.  The only issue of concern with an extra second is that particular interval will be one second longer so power and demand calculations may be slightly off for some devices.  This is only 1/900 or about 0.111% and is still within meter and software logging accuracy.

Some additional Microsoft articles below discuss how Windows handles the "leap second":

The story around Leap Seconds and Windows: It’s likely not Y2K
Part two of the story around Leap Seconds and Windows: #NotY2K
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