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Unable to select an "End date" for the database archive when "Beginning of the database" is selected using Database Manager

The "End date" is greyed out in the Database Manager when "Beginning of the database" is selected during an archive database configuration 

Power Monitoring Expert 8.1 (PME 8.1)

Database Archiving

This behavior became apparent with the release of Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.1. Works fine in PME8.2.

  1. Instead of selecting beginning of the database, select a date range
  2. The start day can be any day before the beginning of the database. For example, if it is known that the system was commission in June of 2015, The start date can be set to May of 2015 or any earlier date
  3. Once, the date is selected make sure that the "Remove Archive data from the live database" is marked accordingly. If the data needs to be removed from the database make sure this is checke

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