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What is the Schneider Electric replacement for BRS368WS0739 ?

BRS368WS0739 is the old part number which was valid for ordering complete motor and gearbox as a pre-assembled unit at delivery. 
You can no longer order the motor and gearbox as a complete assembly so the original part number of BRS368WS0739 is no longer valid. 

BRS368W130ABA is only the motor without the gearbox attached and therefore is not the equivalent of BRS368WS0739 

In order to duplicate BRS368WS0739 you must order all three of the items listed below. 
Once assembled they will become the EXACT equivalent. 

BRS368W130ABA = 3 phase stepping motor , 57mm front flange, with terminal box wiring arrangement 

GBX060008K = 60mm gearbox at 8:1 ratio 

GBK0600573S = Adapter kit for mounting 60mm gearbox to size 57mm stepping motors. 

These three items once ordered, received, and finally assembled by the customer will be the exact electrical / mechanical equivalent of BRS368WS0739. 
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