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Details regarding the use of the BMXCPS4002 Redundant Power Supply.

BMXCPS4002 Redundant Power Supply.
BMXCPS4002 Redundant Power Supply.
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M580 , M340, BMXCPS4002
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The redundant power supply is used with the M580 PAC system and can also be mounted:
- It can also be mounted on a standard rack (one PS only)
- It can be used with a M340 CPU (No Diagnostics)
- It can also be mounted in an extended rack
But in the above cases none of the diagnostics will be available.
Unlike the standard X80 power supplies, The BMXCPS4002 does not provide the 24v extra terminal block dedicated to power input sensors.

These new racks and redundant power supplies are compatible with all BM•CRA312•0, all existing M580 CPUs, but also with M340 CPUs. However, restrictions applies concerning the diagnostics.
Indeed, the diagnostic is using a specific implementation of the new racks and the M340 CPU not being able to connect to Ethernet backplane, the diagnostics cannot be reached by the M340 CPUs.
In the same manner, the BMXCPS4002 + BMEXBP••02 can be used in an extended rack, but as there is no Ethernet over the XBE module, no native diagnostics can be reached
Similarly, if the BMXCRA head is used, no advanced diagnostics possible, only the basic redundancy information (as BMXCRA cannot be connected on the Ethernet backplane)

Reminder: if the BMXCPS4002 is used in a single slot power supply backplane, no advanced diagnostics can be reached.  

Note: in the case there is no diagnostic, there is still a way to know if one of the 2 power supplies have failed, by simply wire the relay output of the power supply to an input module of the rack.

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