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ENM is not receiving PowerSCADA Expert alarms

ENM is not detecting any alarms from PSE.
Host Machine Name or the new IP address is not detected in ENM Configuration > Event Sources tab.

Product Line
Event Notification Module 8.3 (ENM 8.3)
PowerScada Expert 8.x (PSE 8.x)

Monitoring and Diagnostics in ENM

The server IP address has changed.  The change was also applied in Project Editor > Servers > Network Addresses. 

In a previous instance, the issue was found to be within the Application Configuration Utility.  The Application Services Host was referencing the existing IP address.  Update the existing IP address in Application Services Host > Citect Data Platform > Citect I/O Server Address to correct the issue. This will allow Application Services Host to connect to CTAPI on the correct IP Address.  

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