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What do the brake parameters in Lexium 32 effect?

The information in the manual regarding the brake parameters can be a little misleading.
The time values that are set in the brake parameters do not effect when the brake output will become active or when it will switch off.
These parameters determine the time delay from which the drive will transition to the "operation enabled" status.

The brake within the motors have a physical delay time due to the nature of mechanical devices.
It is this delay time that you must be aware of when you adjust the parameter BRK_AddT_release

The Brake output becomes active immediately when the drive is enabled, what is defined by the parameter BRK_AddT_release is the time in which the drives waits to transition from status 5 (switched on) to status 6 (operation enabled)

In addition, the parameter BRK_AddT_apply does not delay the time for the brake to be applied.
When the drive in switched from operation enabled the brake output switches off and goes to zero volts immediately.  
What the parameter BRK_AddT_apply actually controls is the amount of delay time for which the drive will transition
to no holding torque on the motor after the drive has been disabled,
Thereby allowing the brake to be fully engaged before motor holding torque current is removed.

The timing diagrams seen on page 169 and 170 of the LXM32M manual show what these two parameters influence.

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