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How to disable the FTP site for ECC21, EGX200, and EGX400

Customer would like to disable the site for security purposes

 ECC21, EGX200, and EGX400:

FTP sites and securitA user may need to disable FTP on TCP port 21 due to security requirements.


To disable FTP in the ECC21/EGX200/EGX400 use Tester or any software that would allow a register write.
For EGX use Device ID = 255 
For ECC use Device ID = 254
Enable register list writes:
Write 0xAAAA to register 8000
Disable FTP
Write 0xBB00 to register: 809 for the ECC or 975 for the EGX
Reboot the device:
Write 0x8080 to register 8000
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