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How to disable the FTP site for the ECC21, EGX200, and EGX400

Customer would like to disable the site for security purposes

Product Line
ECC21, EGX200, and EGX400

FTP sites and security

A user may need to disable FTP on TCP Port 21 due to security requirements.

To disable FTP in the ECC21/EGX200/EGX400, use any software that would allow a modbus register write to the device.
For the EGX use Device ID = 255 
For the ECC use Device ID = 254
Enable register list writes:
Write 0xAAAA to register 8000
Disable FTP:
Write 0xBB00 to register: 809 for the ECC or 975 for the EGX
Reboot the device:
Write 0x8080 to register 8000
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