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Address Format for a BACnet Device in Scada

In I/O Devices form, what should the 'Address' field be set to?

Product Line
PowerScada Expert 8.1

I/O Devices form in the project.

A device communicating with BACnet protocol is being added to Scada.

- The default UDP port is 47808.
- The 'device ID' uniquely identifies each BACnet device and can be in the range of 0 to 4194302.  In the examples below, it is assumed the device ID is 12262.

The address format for the configuration takes one of the following two structures:

1. If the default UDP port is used:
    <device ID> -I <device IP Address>
    12262 -I

2. If non-standard UDP port is configured in the device (assume UDP port of 48000):
    <device ID> -I <device IP address> -U < device UDP port number>
    12262 -I -U 48000

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