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What is the difference between BCPM and BCPM Flex CCT devices?

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PME 7.2.x, 8.x

The firmware version will depended on which device type to use because of enhancements in the firmware and drivers.


The original BCPM could measure 3 phase and single phase systems but the PME driver for it was only capable of calculating and displaying per phase and per circuit power meter values.

BCPM Flex CCT device type in the PME allows user to program the channel to circuit mappings (like grouping of channels, each flex circuit refers to one such grouping).

PME currently has 2 device types for BCPM devices: BCPM and BCPM Flex CCT. Hardware wise, there is no difference; the firmware the meter contains makes all the differences. So, if the correct firmware is applied to a BCPM meter, customer can start using BCPM Flex CCT device type in the PME following proper procedure described in FA246108. The cutoff firmware is bcpm_rev_1.023.fw, which can also be found in the aforementioned KB article.

A new BCPM, containing the latest firmware in it, should be configured as BCPM Flex CCT in PME to take all the advantages the driver has to offer. If someone sets the device type to be BCPM, one will still be able to communicate with the device like before except without the access to the new circuit measurements or logging.
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