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How to perform a BIOS update on HMIBMU and HMIBMP in order to be compatible with the new CFast SATA3 technology

New CFAST with SATA3 technology are going to be updated for HMIBMU and HMIBMP (16GB and 32GB).
In order to use these new CFast-SATA3 as main drive or as secondary, a BIOS update must be performed.
For the last version of the products, the BIOS is directly updated in Factory and are ready to use. For former versions, an update must be performed manually.

How to define if the BIOS is already compatible?
1. Restart your target
2. Click on "F2" or "DEL"
3. Check the field "Project Version"
          => If the version if below 114, the BIOS must be updated.

You will find in attachement the complete procedure to update the BIOS.

Please note, that if the BIOS is not updated, and you are using a CFast-SATA3 as system card, Windows will not start and error messages may be displayed (see pictures in attachment).
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