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Default Web page User name and Password for PowerLogic Meters or their Ethernet communication Card

What is the default Web page user name and password for Powerlogic meters with Ethernet communication card?

Product Line
ECC21 (Ethernet communication card for CM3000 and CM4000 Series meters)
PM8ECC (Ethernet communication card for PM800 Series meters)
PM5500 Series
PM8000 Series

Web page

A power meter's web page can be accessed by entering the meter's IP address into a web browser's address bar and entering the following default login information:
Note: ECC21 for CM3000 and CM4000 does not request for Username.
Meter Password
CM3000 (ECC21) admin
CM4000 (ECC21) admin

Note: To login to the web page of the CM3 and CM4 Silverlight must be installed on the browser. Internet Explorer (IE) is recommended because it has Silverlight installed by default. If the webpage does not show menu items and you are using IE 11, see FA244310.

Meter Username Password
PM800 Administrator Gateway
PM8000 admin 0
PM8000(Standard Security Enabled) 8000 0
PM5500(Web Master) user1 pass1
PM5500(Product Master) user2 pass2

More Information
PM5000 series only has web pages for the PM5500 series, and the PM5500 series has two default users with different privileges, Web Master and Product Master. 
See FA291653 for more information about account privileges.
The default usernames for the PM5500, user1 and user2, cannot be changed or deleted, but their passwords can be.
The PM5300 does not have a web page even though it has Ethernet communcations.

Refer to FA243275 for more information about the PM8000 username and password.
Please see FA299649 for information on the default login credentials for web interface on Communicaition devices i.e. Com'X, Link150, and EGXs
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