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IEC104 Communication, user overwrites values in unity pro for C_DC command, when the reset command is given from webpage of BMXNOR0200, the values are reset in unity application.

The C_DC command are valid for data length of last two bits.
So the possible options are
Decimal Value 0  >> In binnary 00
Decimal Value 1  >> In binnary 01
Decimal Value 2  >> In binnary 10
Decimal Value 3  >> In binnary 11

So Imagine a user writes "7" as decimal or 0111 in Binary and a reset is given from webpage of BMXNOR0200 , the value in animation table
of Unity Pro will be back to "3" in decimal or "11" in Binary as only last two bits values are valid, rest all are invalid.

Go to Sector 0 > Parameter > Advanced Parameters > Enable C_DC Impulse as Indeterminate State.
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