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Unity Pro can lose focus when Refining nested DFB's.

Goals and Symptoms
The purpose of this document is to explain one of the limits in Unity Pro when refining DFB’s.
Facts and Changes
When using the Refine function with nested DFB’s in Unity Pro, the software can lose focus. In other words, it can get to a point where it no longer can track the location being requested by the pointer.
In this event it is required that the user close some of the higher level windows to correct.
Causes and Fixes
As the user requests Unity Pro to refine a series of nested DFB’s, the software typically opens a new window to the next level. Then it must allocate memory to track all of the variables, not only connected to the specific DFB but within it. Each Refine action calls on more and more memory to store and track all of that information for each DFB being refined. Eventually a point is reached where the software can no longer perform this task. This level varies by the complexity of the DFB’s and the associated code of the user but where this has been reported is typically about 6 levels in. Some users may find they can go deeper but Schneider recommends using a setting in Unity Pro that prevents a new window from being opened as each refinement is done.
Additional Information
One way to control this is to set the “reuse window on refine” option in your Options Management window as below/

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