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What is meant by the designations BMENOC0301.2, BMENOC0301.3, BMENOC0301.4, BMENOC0311.2, BMENOC0311.3 and BMENOC0311.4?

Goals and Symptoms
The purpose of this resolution is to explain the numbering and the versioning of the NOC modules and the need for the differing versions in Unity Pro.

Facts and Changes
The BMENOC0301 and BMENOC0311 appear in Unity Pro with a .2, .3 or .4 designation in the hardware catalog. The modules do not have any such designation in their part numbers.
Causes and Fixes
Any BMENOC0301 or BMENOC0311 can be a .2, .3 or .4 depending on the configuration chosen and the firmware version in the module.
For example,
A .2 unit added Hot Standby capability to the NOC so the configuration for Hot Standby was added. The Firmware to support this must be FW version 2.04 or higher. This also includes new additions to the eNOC DDDT variable such as, A_B_IP_ADDRESS_STATUS, FIRMWARE_VERSION, FDR_USAGE and a NETWORK_HEALTH.
A .3 Unit will add capabilities to scan across subnets among other things but although it can function with 2.04 it will require version 2.05 or higher to be able to use those functions. This includes support for 4k word Input/Output in DTM Browser, support for IO Scanning through routers, and support for DHCP through routers.

A .4 Unit will remove the requirement for IP address A and B in M580 Hot Standby system. BMENOC03x1s use only the Main and 'Main +1' IP addresses. It adds the ability to push the NTP time to the M580 clock. Requires firmware version 2.12 and Unity Pro v13.0 HF2 at minimum.
Additional Information
The main driver of this is that as new capabilities the configurations are in a different format from the earlier version.
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