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Why are Diagrams not displaying any values from Web Applications/Diagrams but are showing values in Vista in PME 7.2.2?

When opening a diagram in Web Applications' Diagrams, the diagram shows orange boxes with "..." and no values as shown below.
The same diagram is displayed correctly in Vista.

Product Line
Struxureware Power Monitoring 7.0.1
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.X

Power Monitoring Expert
Web Applications

Struxureware Power Monitoring (SPM) 7.0.1 and Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 7.2.x  Management Console allows the name of devices to include special characters as part of the device name.
These special characters are known to cause problems with theWeb Applications.

PME 8.x  does not allow special characters as part of the device name,
PME 8.X Management console will display the message below not allowing special characters for device name.
*Warning: Irreparable database damage can occur. This procedure should only be performed by users familiar with SQL Server Management Studio. Databases should be backed up prior to performing this procedure.*  

Pleae take the following stepst to resolve this problem.
1. Make a backup of ION_Data and ION_Network Databases from SQL Mangement Studio 
2. Rename the device in Management Console making sure there are no special characters on the device name.
3. Stop the Application Modules and all ION Services from Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Services
4  Copy the SQL query below and paste it as New Query in SQL Management Studio. It should look like the sreen shot 
    below before pressing Execute.
    -- This is an example where the device called ION8650test#1 was renamed to ION8650test
     -- The device name needs to be modify to match the desire device name before running this SQL query.
    USE ION_Data
    -- force Name to match DisplayName
    UPDATE Source
    SET Name = 'ION8650test'
    WHERE DisplayName = 'ION8650test'

    USE ION_Network
    UPDATE SRC_Source
    SET Name = 'ION8650test'
    WHERE DisplayName = 'ION8650test'

   USE ApplicationModules
   UPDATE DatasourceBus.DatasourceDevice
  SET DataSourceRepresentation = 'ION8650test'
  WHERE DataSourceRepresentation = 'ION8650test#1'

  UPDATE DatasourceBus.DatasourceDevice
  SET Description = 'ION8650test'
   WHERE Description = 'ION8650test#1'

  UPDATE DatasourceBus.LogicalDevice
  SET Name = 'ION8650test'
  WHERE Name = 'ION8650test#1'

  UPDATE DatasourceBus.LogicalDevice
  SET Description = 'ION8650test'
  WHERE Description = 'ION8650test#1'

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