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Velocity scaling on LXM28 drive

How to scale the velocity on a LXM28 drive?

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On the Lexium 28, there is no separate velocity or ramp scaling. There is only a position scaling.
Therefore the speed scaling depends on the setting of the position scaling.
With CANopen control, the position scaling will be calculated by 6092:1 = Feed (default setting: 1280000) and 6092:2 = Shaft revolutions (default setting: 1).
The UNIT for the speed input value is: pulses (Increments) per second, which means for the default scaling factor (1280000/1):  With a speed input value of 1280000, the motor moves with a speed of 1 rps = 60 rpm.
If you want to have a scaling in rpm you have to set the scaling factor: 6092:1 Feed = 60 and 6092:2 Shaft revolutions = 1
With this setting, you´ll have a speed scaling in RPM, and the motor turns with a speed of 60 RPM when you enter a speed input value of 60.
You can also enter the values for the scaling factor into the SDO list in SoMachine.
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