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Why UP11.1 fail to update DTM catalog after installed?

Goals and Symptoms
After installation of UP11.1, the DTM catalog is not updated at 100% and freezes, you need to shut down the application, making the software unusable.
Facts and Changes
Unity pro, PRM
Causes and Fixes
Unity Pro V11.1 is only compatible with PROFIBUS Remote Master PRM V1.3 : with previous PRM versions the PRM Function Block Library cannot be installed, and DTM Catalog Update will fail
We strongly recommend to:
  •  go to control panel Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features and uninstall the following DTMs related to PRM

  • Next open Unity pro 11.1 and update the DTM catalog
PRM DTM V1.3 to be compatible with UP11.1 will soon be released
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