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Video: How to configure the PM800 series clock via writing to registers using Modbus commands?

Configuring the time and date on the PM800 series meters through RS-485 when Ethernet is not available

Product Line
PM800 series 

RS-485 communications, Modbus register read/write

The date and time are stored in three-register compressed format. Each of the three registers contain a high and low byte value to represent the date and time in hexadecimal. For the synchronization, the command value is written in register 8000 and the values are in registers 8001, 8002, and 8003. The command used to initiate the change in register 8000 is 1311.

Example Date: 01/25/2000 at 11:06:59
Hexidemical Value Hi Byte Lo Byte
0119 01 = month 19 = day
640B 64 = year 0B = hour
063B 06 = minute 3B = seconds

Here is a video that shows how to write to these registers using Modbus Tester:
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