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Can I use an EGX150 to connect a CM2000 series as a downstream device?

EGX150 used as a master device that is connected to downstream devices such as a CM2000

Product Line
EGX150 (Link150), CM2000 Series

Communications, Wiring, Gateway Supported device type

The EGX150 does have the capability of having a CM2000 series as a downstream device. The protocol on the EGX150 must be set to PowerLogic (SY/MAX) in order for a connection to be established. CM2000 series meters are not designed to do 2 wire RS-485 communication. CM2000 series meters can only be wired as 4 wire RS-485 communication. If you would like to use 2 wire communication, a CNV-100 is required to convert from 2 wire to 4 wire. For more information on CNV-100, click on the following article: FA203955
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