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What steps need to be taken to determine the ROOT cause of an EC02 error on a Quantum CPU?

  We'll need several items to forward to R&D which will be used to determine root cause of failure.
1: Please provide a copy of the application file in STA format (Archive Project)
2: What version of Unity are you using?
3: What is the S/N and PV level of the CPU. This info is visible in the LED window below
the display.
4: What version of CPU firmware , and what version of Copro firmware is being used.
You can use the Keypad and select System Info / Firmware .
5: After power cycling the PLC connect to the processor and select
Select Help\About Unity Pro XL
Select Technical Support
Browse To a folder where the Diagnostic file will be stored
Select OK
Unity will generate a DIAG file and an Log file and place them into the folder declared above.
Send these files and the information described above to us .
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