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Where can I find the CCC certificate for HMIDM displays?

HMIDM diplays are accessories of main Box PC units HMIBM. So only main Box PC HMIBM are listed in CCC certificate.
  • HMIDM7421 - Display 4:3 15” single touch for HMIBM•••
  • HMIDM7521 - Display W15” multi-touch for HMIBM•••
  • HMIDM9521 - Display W19” multi-touch for HMIBM•••
  • HMIDMA521 - Display W22” multi-touch for HMIBM•••
Neverthelss, the complete Panel PC units made of Box PC + Display assembled together in our flex centers are listed in the certificate.
See the references HMIPCCU2xxx and HMIPCCP2xxx in the attached document "Configured_iPC.png ".
Please find the certificate in attachments.
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