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How to convert a Version 4.x Vijeo Designer project to version 6.2?

Goals and Symptoms
Can a version 4.x of Vijeo Designer project be converted to version 6.2?
Facts and Changes
Vijeo Designer, HMI
Causes and Fixes
To convert a very old Vijeo Designer project version 4.3 to the version 6.2
  1. Contact your local Schneider Electric support if you do not have intermediary Vijeo Designer project.
  2. A project needs to have a minimum of version 5.0 to be converted in version 6.2, follow these steps:
2-a Open Vijeo Designer 5.0, right click on the Vijeo manager an import the project with version
2-b In the Vijeo Manager, double click on the imported project to open it; then build it

2-c Close the project, save it and return in the vijeo Manager to export it

Notes: not closing the project will gray out the export function in the Vijeo Manager
2-d In the Vijeo Manager, right click on the project and export it

2-e convert the project with version 5.0 to version 6.2 by following above steps 2-a; if the target listed in the project made in Version 4.3 is no longer support in version 6.2, the following windows will pop up, then prompt yes

2-f enter a target reference supported in version 6.2, for instance XBTGT1335

2-g follow above steps 2-b, 2-c and 2-d
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