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Cannot display a real value in the graphic viewer

Goals and Symptoms
The display indicator object does not display real values.

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes 
If you configure a display indicator object for decimal value type and assign a variable that uses a real format, the  displayed value is shown as integer.

Web Designer does not allow the display of a real vlaue in the graphic viewer 'Display Indicator' object because there is no selection avaialble for the real format (See Figure. 1)

Figure. 1.

The following workaround can be used to display a real value in the graphic viewer using the variable editor object (See Figure 2).
  • Open the device variable table.
  • Change the access permission for the variable to read only (See fugure 2.)
  • Save the changes.
Figure 2

  • Add a variable editor object (See figure 3.)
  • Assign a PLC variable to the object.
Figure 3.

  • Double click on the variable editor object (See figure 4.).
  • click on the variable list button.
Figure 4.

  • Click on 'Add another item' (See Figure 5.)
Figure 5.

  • Click the on 'PLC Variables' button (see Figure 6)
Figure 6.

  • Select the variable from the list by clickin gon the varaible name (See Figure 7).
  • Click on OK.
  • Click on OK to close the 'VarList Collection Editor' window.
Figure 7.

The labels for the variable editor can be masked with a rectangle object (See Figure 8) using the same foeground and backgound colors as the variable editor object. 

Figure 8.

To add the rectangle:
  • Click on the rectangle icon in the graphic menu bar (See Figure 9),
Figure 9.

  • Drag the rectangle object over the variable list object and resize it to cover the table heading
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