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Does Schneider Electric offer a suitable replacement for Berger Lahr model IFS91/2465-DA3/--B54/O-001WPP41 with ID number 6610919006?

IFS91/2465-DA3/--B54/O-001WPP41 motors with an ID number of 66109190006 translates to the new Schneider Electric reference number of ILS1R851S1390 

ILS1R851S1390 is a special version which is custom manufactured for the company SDT and is not available directly from Schneider Electric. 
The model ILS1R851S1390 is proprietary to the OEM machine builder which means they have a contract with our factory in which only they are allowed to order this special version. 

You must contact the OEM machine builder of the machine in which this motor was installed to attain spare ILS1R851S1390 type motors.
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