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ENM Monitoring and Diagnostics pages display "[Invalid Date]" for timestamps

The Event Notification Module Monitoring and Diagnostics pages display "[Invalid Date]" for timestamp columns instead of the timestamp.
PowerSCADA Expert 8.1, Power Monitoring Expert 8.1
Product Line

ENM 8.3, ENM 8.3.1, ENM 8.3.2
Some local settings use special characters for "AM" and "PM" time notation.  This has been observed with Italian (Switzerland) and Chinese (Singapore).  When Windows is configured to use one of those locales, the code that renders the timestamps in the Monitoring and Diasgostics pages will not be able to properly format the timestamp and will, instead, show "[Invalid Date]".
Changing the Windows locale can correct this behavior. For example, Italian (Italy) or Chinese (China) would be sutible replacements for the indicated locales.  These settings can be found under 'Region and Language' in the Windows Control Panel.
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