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Web Designer fails to transfer if the application contains an rdt file.

Goals and Symptoms
Web Designer returns an eror during the transfer of an application contains an rdt file.

Facts and Change

Causes and Fixes 
Web Designer could fail to transfer the application to the BMENOC0311 Factorycast module if the option 'Transfer
rdt (data table) files' is selected in the 'Transfer Status' window.

This issue will occur if the Web page access management security is enabled.  The reason for the behavior is because
of the Cyber Security features in the BMENOC0311 Factorycast module.

Use the following steps to resolve the issue:
  • Open the Setup web page on the BMENOC0311
  • Click on Access Management
  • Click on the ‘Off’ button to disable Access Management.

After freezing the application design and performing a final transfer of the application to the module, the access management should be turned back on.  Thereafter, anytime a change needs to be made to the Web Designer application in the module, the access management will need to be turned off before transferring the application.  This works as designed because of Cyber Security reasons, there is no other workaround.
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