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Why does a meter event log alarm display a different phase for the Cause and Event columns?

A customer sees an alarm within a Vista meter event log, but the Effect and Cause columns indicate different phases as seen in the screen shot below.

Product Line:
PME 7.2.2 / PME 8.0 / PME 8.1


When checking the same event coming directly from the meter through ION Setup the phase indicated is consistent.  The source of the issue is with the Vista Event Log query.

The Event Log query pulls the text for the Cause column "I b" from the EventString table within ION_Data, but this string is associated with QuantityID 517 which is "Current Phase C".  The SQL query below can be run to update the EventString table appropriately.

** Ensure that recent database back ups are available.  Modifying the database tables can potentially damage them, so it is recommended that only those familiar with SQL Management Studio run this query.  **

UPDATE ION_Data.dbo.EventString 
Set QuantityID = 516 
WHERE String = 'I b'

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