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Is it possible to configure 84 circuits of a BCPM under a single device in PME?

For a 84-circuit BCPM device, customer would like to configure all 84 circuits under 1 device in PME. Drivers are done for 42-circuit BCPM, but in a case where 84 circuit BCPM is used (maximal size circuit), is there a driver available for 84 Circuits?

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.x, 7.2.x

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84-circuit BCPM device - Though physically a single device, 2 BCPM devices will need to be added to PME (circuit 1 to 42 as the first BCPM device and circuit 43-84 as the second BCPM device in PME), and that is how they appear in Vista. Customer likes to see all 84 circuits under single device in Vista and Web Application.

The current driver for BCPM and BCPM Flex Cct devices in PME do not permit displaying all 84 circuits under single device. With 84 circuits, circuit 1 to 42 and 43 to 84 have separate modbus addresses. Therefore, BCPM with 84 Circuits are treated as 2 devices (each with 42 circuits), and one BCPM device only requires 1/2 of a device license (0.5 Mid Range PME License). That is the current design of the BCPM driver. It is not possible to have a BCPM with 84 circuits as a single device in PME at the moment.
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