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Supported model numbers for Com'X 200/210/510 3G modem solution: Change of supported Huawei model number listed in User Manual

The Huawei E3131 3G modem listed in the ComX User Manual is no longer recommended for use with the Com’X product line. Huawei model E3131 is replaced by the Huawei model MS2131i-8.
Product Line:
Com’X 200/210/510
Com’X 200/210/510 with 3G Wireless Modem
The Huawei model E3131 is available under numerous hardware model numbers as well as firmware versions. Not all firmware versions are compatible with the Com’X's USB modem device drivers.
The Huawei model E3131 is an off-the-shelf third party manufactured device. Schneider Electric cannot control which Huawei E3131 hardware model and firmware version that a customer might purchase and attempt to commission for use with the Com’X  and therefore cannot guarantee compatibility.

Huawei MS2131i-8 Product Information
The Huawei MS2131i-8 is an industrial grade modem with increased temperature and moisture resistance. It has a dual built-in antenna; UMTS/GSM main antenna and a UMTS diversity antenna. In addition, it has a CRC9 connector for use with an external antenna.
Notice Regarding Use of External Antenna
The external antenna CRC9 connector is located under a small access plug along the edge of the MS2131i-8 device. The external antenna CRC9 connector interferes with the Com’X plastic housing when it is installed in the USB port located under the Com’X hinged door cover. Leaving the cover open is not recommended.

  1. Identify an appropriate location to secure the external antenna outside the enclosure. This requires an opening in the enclosure for the antenna cable.
  2. Identify an appropriate location for the modem outside the Com’X (inside the enclosure).
  3. Use a USB extension cable to connect the modem to the Com’X.
  4. Connect the external antenna to the modem.
Notice Regarding the External Installation of the Modem
Use a USB extender cable routed through the access hole located on top of the Com'X plastic housing and then mount the MS2131i-8 under a radome cover on the outside of the electrical panel.
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