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Power Monitoring Expert Components

Find out how different components of PME are related.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 8.1 (PME 8.1)

Operating System

Component communication.

The attached diagram shows different components of the Power Monitoring Expert system, including servers, clients, databases, windows services, and web applications.

Communication Notes (referenced in the diagram):

1.  Designer uses VSIN only, Vista uses both, VSIN (comm to designer) and .Net Remoting (communication to ION Services).

2.  Platform components typically use netman (Network Router) to route ION-related requests except for stand-alone Engineering Clients, where no netman service is running locally.

3.  VIP uses .NET remoting to subscribe to real-time data from ION Services (Real-Time Data Service).

4.  Vista uses .NET remoting to subscribe to real-time data and VSIN for everything else (including historical requests to Query Server).

NOTE: VSIN is a proprietary application-layer protocol that runs on TCP/IP.
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