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What is the maximum length for the remote display cable used by the PM8000 meter?

A user may want to know the maximum length of the display cable they can use with the PM8244 meter

Product Line
PM8000 series meters

Intermediate Metering

Remote display communicates over an Ethernet custom port using the following:

Cable type: CAT5/5e UTP (use unshielded cable only)

Cable length: 100 m (330 ft) maximum

Connection type: direct, point-to-point
The PM8000 remote display is powered over Ethernet.

For an extended length, it is recommended to use either a Power over Ethernet injector or a Power over Ethernet switch. In the event that you  decide to use a PoE switch, you will be required to set port forwarding rules for the communication port used by the remote display and the PM8000 base meter. 
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