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Is it possible to configure the PM800 series meters to only reset Min/Max values manually?

A customer would like to change the Min/Max reset behavior on a PM800 series meter from the default monthly time interval to only on a manual basis.

Product Line:
PM800 series meters

PM810 / PM820 / PM850 / PM870

By default the Min/Max values for the PM800 series meters are configured to reset on a monthly basis.

Register 1443 is the Min/Max Configration register, to NOT allow Monthly Min/Max resets, that register must be set to a zero (0).

if Bit 0 = ‘1’ the Present Month Min/Max is copied to the Previous Month Min/Max at 12:00:01 AM of the new month.

To set register 1443 to 0 perform the following modbus register writes below.

1) write value 9020 to register 8000 
2) write value 0 to register 1443
3) write value 1 to register 8001
4) write value 9021 to register 8000

These writes can be performed either through the front panel of the meter following the register write instructions on page 26 of the PM800 User Guide, or using Modbus Tester.
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