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ION Enterprise Power monitoring Expert Vista "Unknown Command Line Argument" when run from command line

A customer is attempting to launch Vista through a command window, but receives the following error message.

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ION Enterprise / Struxureware Power Monitoring / Power Monitoring Expert


The message is indicating that when invoking the Vista executable that only certain triggers are allowed.

Each of the triggers below will launch Vista with that particular function.

1. -N refers to the name in the softwarenode table, typically VISTA.<machinename>
2. -U\-P are username\password - say supervisor\0.  This will allow Vista to launch without prompting for login credentials.
3. -I is for translation.  This switch loads the file named 'internat.txt' within \confg\internat and contains translated strings that the user can provide.  This will create a translated interface for that particular user even if it is different that the language package selected at installation.
4. -Geventviewer will launch vista with a Global Event viewer.

You can add these arguments to a cmd line or shortcut, so the user does not have to authenticate and Vista will just start.

An example of using all triggers through a command prompt is below:

This will launch Vista using the node name 'instance', the supervisor/0 login, with translation from the internat.txt file, and with a Global Event viewer.  In order for the Global Event viewer to display the 'Show Global Event Viewer' option under the View drop down menu within Vista must be unchecked.  All triggers can be used in the same command or individually.
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