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Why is my XW+ inverter showing F41 APS Under Voltage?

Published date: 24 September 2018

Why is my XW+ inverter showing F41 APS Under Voltage?

Product Line:
Conext series inverter/chargers

Conext XW+

This fault is discussed in little detail in the XW+ Owner's Guide

APS refers to the Auxiliary Power Supply, which has shut down due to under voltage. The APS is a circuit on the control board. Usually, when this circuit blows, it is because the power bridge has failed and back fed this circuit. The unit will need to be replaced.

The power bridge is known to fail when:
-Multiple units fight each other due to firmware or output voltage inconsistencies
-A large inductive load, such as an air conditioner, pump, or motor is introduced to the system

To prevent this issue in the future:
-Ensure all units are upgraded to the latest firmware and outputs are calibrated evenly
-Investigate load ratings and use soft-start or VFD if possible


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