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Osisense XS - Detection curve of the XS9C4A1PCP20 proximity sensors, factor 1, in 40x40mm format

Find attached the detection curve of the XS9C4A1PCP20 proximity sensors, factor 1 for ferrous or not ferrous material, in 40x40mm format, plastic case. In july 2016, such curve is not yet shown into the Osisense XS catalogue. Such curve is valid for the following references XS9C2A1PCM12, XS9C2A1NCM12, XS9C4A1PCP20, XS9C4A1NCP20, XS9C4A1PCG13, XS9C4A1NCG13, XS9C4A1PCN12 & XS9C4A1NCN12.

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