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How to Add a Video to a PME Dashboard

How to configure and play a video in a PME dashboard.

PME 8.1, PME 8.2

PME 8.1 Dashboard
PME 8.2 Dashboard

Customize a PME dashboard to display and play a video.

After adding a Web Viewer gadget to a dashboard, the Source setting on the Content tab can be configured in one of two methods depending on the location of the video.

If the video is publicly accessible, the Source parameter of the Web Viewer gadget can be configured to use the URL that links directly to the video.

If the video is not publicly accessible, another option is to create a folder called \media on the PME server
under …\\Applications\ApplicationFramework and save the video at that location.

The Source parameter of the Web Viewer gadget can then be configured to the URL, http://web/media/

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