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Preventa XCS - Can the XCSZ03 operating key replace technically the old ZCKY091 one?

The XCSZ03 operating key cannot replace technically the old ZCKY091 one, because they are associated to safety switches having different head systems. The ZCKY091 key is dedidated to the XCSL and obsolete XCKJ59* or XCKJ79* switches with locking function. The XCSZ03 key is dedicated to the following safety switch models : XCSA, XCSB, XCSC, XCSE, XCSLE & XCSLF. Attached picture of both keys. Please note that the ZCKY091 key is still available to order in 2016 for spare parts. If you replace the ZCKY091 key by the XCSZ03 one, you have to replace the switch model too.

                ZCKY091                                                                      XCSZ03
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