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Does the Link150 support mixed mode ION and Modbus protocols on the same daisy chain

A user needs to know if the Link 150 (EGX150) supports ION and Modbus protocols on the same daisy chain.

Product Line
EGX150, Link 150

Gateway Protocol Support

A user wants to retrofit legacy modbus devices with ION meters.

The Link 150 does support ION and Modbus but not concurrently.  It is possible to enable only one protocol at a time.  Either Modbus/TCP or ION Protocol.

To select either ION or Modbus, do the following:
1.  Navigate to the Configuration & Settings tab
2.  On the navigation pane on the left, select Advanced Services Control under Other Configuration.
3.  Under Industrial Protocols select MODBUS/TCP for Modbus TCP and ION Pass Through for ION protocol.
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