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Are there connection Health bits for 140NOC78000?

Health bits for 140NOC78x00
Health bits for 140NOC78x00
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Unity Pro
 Unity Pro automatically reserves space for two arrays of 32 bytes, for connection health bits, located at the beginning of the space configured for inputs
For the 140NOC78000 the Health bits are as Bytes in the DDT.
Byte[0] would be for connection bit numbers 0 thru 7
Byte[1] would be for connection bit numbers 8 thru 15
Byte[2] would be for connection bit numbers 16 thru 23.  and so forth.

Each connection that is configured is assigned a Connection bit number and that connection bit is used to monitor the health of the particular connections for a device in the device list.
To know what connection bit number is assigned to what connection request, you would look at the Request/Connection Summary on the Device List heading page.
See attached excerpt from the User Manual
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