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Why are PSE Alarms Referring to Unknown Server Names

Alarms refer to names that neither refer to physical server names (primary, standby) nor servers (I/O, Alarm, Report, Trend) defined in the project.


Product Line
PowerSCADA Expert 8.1 (PSE 8.1)

Alarm History

PSE Redundant System Configuration.  Both servers were being synchronized by a GPS but the standby server was off by a few hours.

Once the standby server's time was corrected the alarms stopped.  The fix will roll out to new versions of PSE.

Some observations:
1. The names will vary if the Runtime is stopped and started again (in the same project).
2. The names seem to be in hexadecimal format.
3. The names are generated by Citect core component (not PowerLogic Scada wrapper).

NOTE: Ensure time synchronization occurs correctly on both servers using an accurate time sync like GPS or NTP. This will avoid any time discrepancy between the two servers.
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