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PM8000 Is Unable To Send Emails

The PM8000 will not send an email even when the Alert module is setup correctly and on the same network as the SMTP server.

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Sending alert via SMTP

This is an issue with all PM8000 firmware versions including and prior to V001.003.001 interacting with some SMTP servers. The PM8000 is able to connect SMTP server; however, the request is rejected with the error, "HELO requires domain address." This can be seen in a Wireshark capture:
No. Time Source Destination Protocol Length Info
    <PM8000> <SMTP server> SMTP 60 HELO
    <SMTP server> <PM8000> SMTP 94 HELO requires domain address

This is a known issue and has been corrected in the firmware version V001.004.001
For instructions on upgrading the firmware using ION Setup please follow our knowledgebase article FA244316
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