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PME OPC tags have item quality "uncertainLastUsableValue"

Device communicates in PME successfully but reading OPC tags produces an error with a quality value of "uncertainLastUsableValue"

Product Line
Struxureware Power Monitoring 7.0.x
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x
Power Monitoring Expert 8.x


The tag being read is a custom measurement that does not have an entry in the IAS_MeasurementAddress table

Mapping the measurement to a Data Recorder will force an entry into the IAS_MeasurementAddress table.
To do this:
1) Open Designer
2) Create a new Data Recorder
3) Link one of the inputs of the Data Recorder with the customer measurement that is not readable
4) Link an external pulse to the trigger of the Data Recorder so no actual data gets logged.

Once the measurement is mapped to the input of the Data Recorder, save the changes and close out of Designer.
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