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How can I use a ATV71HC13N4 with Devicenet with Assemblies 105 and 21?

Customer had a  ATV71HC13N4 with Devicenet and said it worked ok on their previous ATV58 drives.
They were  using assemblies 105/21 . They could not get it to work with their replacement ATV71 drive.

Product Line:
ATV71 drives

Devicenet with assemblies 105 and 21


Response from France:

They made a test with SE8 (profile which manages the migration from  ATV58 to ATV71 drives).
Settings on the PLC:
PollProdPath= 105 (AB Input, size: 8 bytes)
PollConsPath= 21 (ODVA extended Speed Control, size: 4 bytes)
CCProdPath= 105 (AB Input, size: 8 bytes)

Set CHCF ( Profile) to SEP and It worked.  I can now run the drive which is assembly 21, and read the drive status which is assembly 105.

To help you with this migration, I recommend that you use PowerSuite for the migration  from the ATV58 to the ATV71. Then can use the attached document which details each step to follow in order to replace the ATV58 and DeviceNet with the ATV71 and  DeviceNet.
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