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Is it possible to change the IP address of an ION 8650 with a cellular modem once its already been activated?

It is desired to modify the IP address on an ION8650 with a cellular modem that has already been activated and assigned an IP address.

Product Line:
ION8650A, ION8650B, ION8650C

ION8650 series meters with cellular modems

When an ION8650 meter with a cellular modem meter is initially activated following the process in FAQ FA277446 , the meter will be assigned either a dynamic or static IP address.  

Static IP's are recommended for use with Power Monitoring Expert (PME) systems as a dynamic IP address may change each time the meter is power cycled.

When the meter IP address is set to static, the IP address will be assigned by Verizon during the activation process.  

Contact Verizon and provide the Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) for the meter's cellular modem in order to request a new static IP address for the meter.
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