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Unable to Modify PM850/PM870 Alarms in ION Setup/PMCU

A user may want to change the setpoint or delay settings for some of the Over/Under Voltage or Disturbance Alarms. The new settings can be made and sent to the meter, but upon checking the settings to confirm, no change is made. 

Product Line:
PM850, PM870

Configuring disturbance, over/under voltage alarms on a PM870

When EN50160 evaluation is enabled, certain alarm positions will be claimed for use in the evaluation. The user cannot use these alarms for other purposes while the evaluation is enabled. These alarms include:
  • Over Voltage: Standard speed alarm positions 35-37
  • Under Voltage: Standard speed alarm positions 38-40
  • Disturbance (voltage sags and swells): Disturbance alarm positions 1-3 and 5-13
Please note: In the EN50160 setup, there is an option to select either Voltage L-L or Voltage L-N for a 4-wire system. Whichever voltage is selected will determine which alarms are affected. By default this is Voltage L-N, so when EN50160 is enabled, Voltage L-N alarms will not be configurable for the user.

This is the intended operation of the meter when EN50160 is enabled. If EN50160 is not required, then it can be disabled. In ION Setup this is done by going to EN50160 Setup> EN50160 Evaluation: Disabled (For PM870, Power Quality>EN50160 Setup> EN50160 Evaluation: Disabled)
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