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How do I configure Lexium 32C for torque mode using PTI signal?

Published date: 08 April 2019

Torque mode via PTI signal with be available for Lexium 32M and Lexium 32C beginning with firmware version  V1.20.05.
Firmware previous to V1.20.05 does not support this function.

To use Torque mode via PTI signal two LXM32 drives of the same power class should be used.

Configure the PTO signal of the master for esim_iqref.
The slave drive should be configured for operating mode profile torque and the PTI parameters should be set for “reference current via pti interface” and Iref_ptifreqmax

The Iref_ptifreqmax value should be populated with the value of the CTRL_i_max value of the master drive.  "see example in attached image file"


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