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Why I do not succeed to operate a memory(%MWx) transfer from SD card to the M221 ?

A script command file named script.cmd , present into the SD card , having the line  ‘Download “/usr/mem”  make possible a transfer into the M221 PLC of %MW and %M values( see help description topic ‘script’)
But there are conditions to allow to make this process being successfully achieved 

1)the script.cmd file do not have to include also any other transfer command  application transfer command (‘’Download “/usr/app” ) or firmware download (‘Download “/os/app” ) which can be  present into a script file automatically generated
  1. else after a clone operation (using an empty SD card)
  2. else after a SoMachineBasic  ‘Backup from controller’ operation command
 2)  the SD card need to be inserted into the M221 while the M221 is already powered, because the script  ‘‘Download “/usr/mem”   is not executed at the Poweroff/PowerOn transition , but read and executed by the M221 firmware only once on the event of inserting the SD card 

note: these two mandatory conditions have to be keep in mind also for a memory upload operation, (managed by the command  line  ‘Upload “/usr/mem” )
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