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How to setup Connexium Industrial firewall for Port Forwarding?

Connexium Industrial Firewall for Port Forwarding
Connexium Industrial firewall Port Forwarding
Product Line
Connexium Industrial Firewall
Ethernet network
 Connexium Industrial Firewall Port Forwarding configuration:
1. The Firewall is in router mode.
2. The IP parameters of the router interface are configured so that the External Interface is the company assigned address ( The Internal interface can be any available IP address in the 192.168.177.x subnet
3. The IP address/gateway of the PLC in the internal network must be configured to have the IP address of the Internal interface (port 1) of the Firewall as  it's Gateway IP address.
See attached screenshots.
When a user or device initiates communications to the External interface IP address port 502 (ModbusTCP), they will get forwarded to the internal network IP address port 502 (PLC).
In attached screenshot, also added forwarding rule for port 80 (HTTP) and FTP.
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