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Why does PME not update PM8000, or PM5500 device OPC tags?

User has added a new PM8000 or PM5500 device to Management Console and the devices are communicating and providing real time data. When selecting the "Update OPC" in Management Console, no new devices are added to OPC tags.

Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.0, 8.1

DefaultMeasurements.xml is located in [PME install]\config\IONServices 

PME 8.0 uses a folder called DefaultMeasurementsExt to add device types without having to add to devices to DefaultMeasurements.xml. When the Update OPC is selected in Management Console, PME will look for the DefaultMeasurements.xml in the config folder first. If DefaultMeasurements.xml is found, PME will look for the DefaultMeasurementsExt folder in the same location. 

One work around is to copy the folder DefaultMeasurmentsExt from the ...\system\IONServices\ to ...\config\IONServices.

A better option would be to transfer the custom content of the DefaultMeasurement.xml file to new extension files in the ...\system\IONService\DefaultMeasurementsExt folder, then remove the DefaultMeasurements.xml file from the config folder.

See FA327559 for information on how to create an extension file
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