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On an E-Flex enclosure, what would cause the bypass contact not to pull in when the drive output contact is open?

8839 E-Flex drives bypass and or DOC contactor is not pulling in.

Product Line:
Class 8839 Type EFD.......


Trying to bump the motor in bypass and the bypass contactor does not pull in. 

Troubleshooting the bypass circuit 1st:  Check with a digital meter to see if you have 120vac between terminals 24 and 2,  next check voltage between 24 and 3A.  If you are missing voltage here you need to check the jumpers or customer shut down circuit between terminals 2 to 3 to 3A.

If you have voltage between 24 to 3A the make sure your AFC off Bypass switch is set to Bypass.   If the switch is in bypass mode now check voltage between 24 to 4 to see if you have 120vac.   Finally check to see if the RCR relay is pulled in and make sure that you are getting voltage to BC terminals A1 and A2

Please note its very important to make sure that the RCR relay is turned on via the Hand or bypass switch before the Bypass or DOC contactors will pull in. 

See the attached drawings starting on page 100 for additional information. 
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